My name is Meka Weise. 

I am a Jersey girl who spent part of my upbringing in Virginia who loves to stay caffeinated. I am a writer, author amongst other creative things like singer and dancer. I published my first book called, “A Girl, Her God & Her depression.” I am a mother to a vibrant little girl name Kaydence.

 In 2015, I was diagnosed with a Major depressive disorder and knew there were others out there just like me. So I was impromptu start She Endures as a way to meet other women and write what’s in my heart.  My aspirations for  She Endures  is that it is a safe place abounding in love and encouragement. I’ve begun to dream big dreams for this blog that I hope to see them come to fruition in the next year.

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8 fun facts about me:

  • I love to sing, especially worship.

  • I am addicted to dark lipsticks.

  • I love to collect gorgeous journals.

  • I can’t swim.

  • God has spared my life 3 times from near death situations. ( Guess thats not technically a fun fact.)

  • Love a mean piece of cheesecake and will never say no to warm apple pie topped with Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream.

  • Distress boyfriend jeans and great flowy shirt makes me feel amazing and free.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to chat and I am always open to pray with and for you.

Love you, ladies, fearlessly!

Be still my hearts,

Meka Weise