5 ways to dismantle your Creative overload!

Creativity is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God.” ― Bob Moawad

There are many out there like me I'm sure that suffer from a thousand visions and ideas in our heads. And that’s just the thing they are in your head and maybe not so much in the heart.




Recently in the past year, I have truly yielded my talents, dreams, fears, and ideas to Christ. I have for so long been so creatively frustrated. If you are wondering what that is, it’s when you become so burden within with all these ideas within, you become angry, discouraged and confused.


I asked God when I yielded my aspirations to him to take full control and not only to help me to make sense of all that is within, but also glean from me what is not apart of my perfectly designed destiny for me.

And oh did this take some time because of course, I was stubborn in the letting-go process.


God saying no to us, has to be an area that we are willing to accept. Because here's the thing he knows our heart and what we are created for, he knows what is a distraction before we do and he knows that ideas that are created in the spirit of covetousness.


So without further or due. Here are five truths I had to face when dealing with my dreams and ideas.






1. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Now, this alone took the creative wind out of me. Because here’s the thing there will be many things we can do in life, but that doesn’t mean we should pursue it. I wanted to be a baker, and for a year I felt an excitement for it. I wanted to go forth; my husband



supplied all the stuff for me to get started. This desire to become a baker came while I was pregnant. I was up early and needed something to do. Plus during my pregnancy, I craved sweets yet when I gave birth the idea of being a baker was far from the heart. The moral here it was a hobby; it’s not something I was designed to do.




2. Some talents are given purely for ministry.

I didn’t understand this until I received a confirmation from the drummer in my church named Everette. He was sharing with us how he’s truly not a good drummer outside of playing for God. And it hit me because there was a realization that I was my best singer when I was on the worship team leading Gods people into his presence. There are talents that God has given us to use just for his ministry to serve his people. Yes in everything we should do it unto God and serve others. Yet, there will be a talent that we have in us that only seems to be at its best being used solely for the kingdom of God.




3. What you are meant to have has always been there.

He placed our destiny in us when he made us. It has always been there, and it's totally up to us to be ready when it's time for it to be revealed. For some of us, we may be like Jesus and will not walk in our destiny until our 30s or Abraham when we are in our years of wisdom. Or could it have been that our time had come yet we were not ready?; whatever your destiny is it has always been there waiting to be awakened at the right time. Some of us know from a young age while some of us go through a few bumps and bruises and

careers before we step into what is for us.


4. You have to be able to accept the "No".

So this will be short and real. This point goes with point one. You just have to be able to let go of what dreams have attached to you that came from the environment, what you saw on tv or something you felt you could do. Sometimes we are fascinated with someone else's destiny we tell ourselves we can do that. When we take it to God, he says, No. Just accept it, honey!

If you continue trying to make it work you just become flustered and wasting the precious time God has given us here on earth.




5. Live your life.

This final point will be short and sweet. Don’t waste your life just chasing a dream and missing all that is current like your family, the sun shining, taking walks in the park, coffee and apple pie with ice cream. You will be amazed at how many people found their destiny by just living and pursuing Christ. My friend, Sandra, gave up her business to work for her dad. She said that all she wanted was what God had for her. Her business was a success, and she was traveling left and right. When she let go, she met the man of her dreams who loves and lived for the Lord. They are marrying this fall. Had she not let go of what God was calling her to let go she may not have met her prince charming. Here's the thing sometimes what we are doing in life may cause a worldly fulfillment instead of Godly one. She was down for a while after letting go of her business, yet today she is fulfilled because she followed Gods plan and not her own. She is marrying a man who I know together they will change the world especially here in Hawaii.


Well, I know this may have been a lot to take in. I just wanted to share with you how I had to come to grips with all these ideas and dreams in my head. Lately, I have released so much that I thought I wanted and embraced what God has wanted. I have begun to live intentionally and what I am supposed to be doing has been resounding in my heart and spirit. My steps have been ordered and its starting to become easier for me to execute and be the creative being God has called me to be.


"the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way." - Psalms 37:23-24