Merry Christmas from She Endures

My daughter and I this year are ringing in the holidays with my father while my husband serves our country on deployment. Although my husband and I had talked about him leaving and we did our best to prepare for it. There is just not enough preparation to get you ready for the time and distance between each other. I have missed him dearly, and in each little moment, I find myself reminiscing about the Christmases before.


Tis the Season

Today our holidays will be filled with everyone we love and traditions of ole. Still, life goes on like you I find my timeline filled with people having to bury loved ones unexpectedly; financial crisis, homes burning, health issues and a host of my military sisters who are without their hubbies this holiday. Like me also, you see the joy as well on your newsfeed of newborns, engagements, pregnancy announces, spouses returning home, new homeowners, healings, and loved ones united. Let’s me know that no matter what traditions we hold tightly to, no Christmas will ever be the same.



One thing that always remains on Christmas is Jesus Christ and since we can't be in more than one place at a time. We can still pray. Prayer is a gift today that doesn't require shopping or leaving your home. Its the gift that keeps on giving. So before we dive into the delicious and delectable foods, before we make new memories, before we open the doors of our home or go to visit those we love.


Let us take a moment to pray. Pray for those God have placed in your heart and even those who you do not know. Pray for the military families who are missing a part of their family as well as pray for those who have returned home safely. Pray for the sick and the well. Pray for our government and our country. Pray for all those who may not experience just an ounce of what you will today. Pray for newborns and Christmas babies. Pray for peace in your home as you all join together. Pray for those who lost heart and faith. Most of all pray that Jesus will not be forgotten in the family traditions and gift passing.



I pray today that there is nothing but joy, new memories, love and a feeling of Jesus in everything you do today.


Merry Christmas from me Meka and the rest of my Weise Clan.