3 Natural Cold busters for Toddlers.

So, one goal I had this year was to take my family down a more holistic route especially when it comes to healing during sickness. When I turned 18 which seems eons ago,  I decided to not take cold medicine anymore. I wanted to see what natural elements would do for me such as tea, honey, vitamins, and water. 

The crazy thing is the first few times I became sick I found myself fighting and desiring the meds. Now again let me reiterate this was for colds- not for life threating illnesses. What I realized that after a few colds my body has what it needs within itself to heal through organic approaches. 

So, fast forward to my life now as a mom. I thought to take these approaches with my sweet and lively girl.  So of course, I headed to Pinterest to see what other moms are doing. 

Let’s say I am thankful for Pinterest and the results of the these three brilliant remedies I have put to the test. 

So here they go: 

1.    Golden milk. This one is so fast acting and can get a little messy as well.  It is bulletproof! The recipe is simply taking your child’s milk and warming it - whether microwave or stove. Next, you add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric. Next, you add a drop of honey. 
I gave this to my daughter at night. Here’s what has happened each time- she would vomit mucus. I know- ew! Nevertheless, it broke up congestion and allowed her to sleep at night. 

2.    Detox bath. I did this once a week. After filling with the appropriate amount of water, I add a tablespoon of Epsom salt. The amount of Epsom salt you use is up to you, I am bathing a toddler, so I felt a tablespoon was enough. I know, some mothers have added essential oils to their child bath.  I saved the essential oils for after. I would add essential oils to her pressure points as well as a natural chest rub by little remedies. Now here’s the con to this which is keeping the little rascal in the tub for at least 20 minutes. So, pull out the fun guns- books, sing songs, add bubbles if needed and all the bath toys you can find. There will be times you will just have to tell them to sit back down in the tub. 

3.    Natural cough syrups. I absolutely love Maty’s cough medicine. It’s not the tastiest. However, it is packed with a bunch of good immune fighters. I actually take it myself.  I also recommend Zarbees. Both products are made from natural ingredients such as honey being the main one in both. Honey as many of us know harnesses many great benefits, for colds it works as a natural effective cough suppressant. 

Although using these magnificent remedies, I still utilized Tylenol for fever.

(By the way, If you have a natural approach for fever, please list it in the comments.) 

I found Tylenol to be very helpful when you have a kid teething and fighting a cold at the same time. I also am a fan of the humidifier which I know really helped Kaydence breath and sleep well. 

What were my results in all of this- that my toddler was able to fight a cold without the need for other meds. A cold has to run its course; Nevertheless, I can attest that I did see Kaydence improve in 3 days and she carried on playing throughout the day without being sluggish.

So try these three remedies if you find your little one fighting a cold.

Send me feedback on your results or your opinion.