DiaDevos: We all have to find our song again.

We find ourselves playing the blame game. Inwardly blaming everyone but oneself. We blame God, our family, people on television, and those who are around us. Then one day it all hits you the arrow staring right in front of you and guess who the arrow is pointing at- you.

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Well if you haven’t had this moment I have and it’s a life-changing place, a moment where all becomes silent, and the truth resounds as begins to remind you that this is ultimately your life. It’s your choice to make and what people do to you no matter if they hurt you abuse you or abandon you- we all have to find our song again. We all have to listen for the music that God created just for us. We have to barrel through the agony and hear that song that was composed just for us. The song that returns us back to our God-given rhythm.

Here are 2 facts that we know for certain and that we all have in common- we are born and we will die. However the in-between belongs to us and we must take responsibility for what we do next.

The thoughts some of us may have today:

“They hurt me.” -Take the time to heal, then ask what's next?

“I graduated with my bachelors!” -Celebrate, then ask what's next?

“My mother passed away.” -Please take the time to grieve, then ask what's next?

Because the one who hurt you moves on. The degree can't find a job itself. The love one you lost would undoubtedly desire you to continue to live a full life.

So what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my understanding; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my understanding.

I Corinthians 14:15

Heres what I am saying that after each step there's another one and if we wait too long we will find ourselves stuck and burden down. Far, far, far away from the compass, we started on. Everything in this world was meant to test us and grow us so that we, in turn, can share the wisdom, love, and open doors with others. That is humanity and the circle of life. This is how the world turns by recycling the lessons we have learned to our youth and the next generation.

Let's think on this what if all of us gave in after every blow, after every defeat or if all of us said I have reached this point and I will stop here knowing there was more to do. Better yet what if all of us blatantly stopped living.

This is not Gods plan its far from it. The Sabbath was only one day.

The other days were created to live with contentment nevertheless outside the realm of idleness.